Company Description: This western designed education company is a part of IKEA"s ICare programme in China which helps the children of company"s suppliers" migrant co-workers to integrate into society. Additionaly, the company is official global volunteer programme partner providing Apple Inc. employees with hight quality classroom volunteer opportunities with English listening, speaking, and pronunciation assistance in Dalian Chinese primary classrooms. The company believes that children learn best in an engaging environment where they ?own? their educational outcomes. Students are guided to produce their own ?knowledge? books based on weekly English lessons. The goal of this programme is to enhance Chinese students" English speaking skills. Internship Position: Teaching Assistant Internship Description: • English speaking interns needed to assist Chinese primary classroom teachers with both classroom teaching and curriculum development. • provide in-class support to Chinese English teachers; • assist with English pronunciation training • assist with lesson preparation • create learning materials PPT and templates for activities • conduct online research on relevant topics • review class materials with local and Chinese volunteers

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