We are looking for an enthusiastic intern that is interested in learning the ins and outs of multifamily renovations. Construction Manager interns at Blue Pine gain from learning Procore software, getting hands on experience on the job site and have the opportunity for career growth. Construction Management 1) Construction Manager interns will learn to manage the following on the job site: a. Cash flow and profitability b. Scheduling c. Production d. Quality control e. Daily communication with onsite customer staff f. Daily announcement of arrival and departure to the onsite customer staff g. Daily enforcement of our no solicitation policy h. Removal of excess materials i. Enforcement of daily cleanup j. Weekly reports k. Incidents/Accident reports 2) Documents a. Maintain daily reports – document daily issues, deliveries, and weather days b. Create, collect and store all job site reports, sign-offs, notices, receipts and any other job-related documents on Procore c. Document all customer communications and how to store it on Procore d. Approve supplier invoices with project manager and store it on Procore 3) Project close out a. Develop punch list by trade, complete supplier sign-off, return any rental equipment, port-a-potty and or temporary fencing in a timely manner, return all excess materials for credits and clean up all construction debris

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