Are you interested in the fusion of Japan"s team-based working style with fast-paced, global business practices? Would you like to gain working experience in both small, agile startups and large Japanese organizations? Are you flexible and want to work on major projects? If so, an internship at J-Global in Tokyo might be just the opportunity for you! J-Global is a small startup. As such, we prefer our interns to be flexible, supportive, and continually desiring to broaden their experiences. An intern at J-Global should thrive on challenge and be able to work independently. An internship at J-Global also provides a unique opportunity to experience what it"s like to work for (1) a smaller, international organization such as J-Global and (2) bigger, Japanese organizations which are J-Global"s clients. As J-Global interns routinely attend client meetings they have the opportunity to get in contact with and learn about a variety of businesses. The Company: J-Global helps organizations succeed with a powerful new framework for managing, working and communicating in an international environment. J-Global does this by providing (1) seminars, (2) consulting and is currently producing (3) e-Learning modules. The J-Global method trains leaders and staff in a system of inter-cultural mindsets and skills that combines the strengths of Japan"s team-based work style with fast-paced, competitive global business practices. J-Global organizations are more motivated, more proactive, more collaborative and more effective. Roles and Responsibilities Advisory and Consulting Support Work at client site (well-known multinational corporation) as part of the J-Global consulting team, supporting the day-to -day work of our managers and senior consultants. Support L&D projects by conducting bench-marking researching, analyzing client data, checking/formatting client-facing reports and presentations. Attend meetings, create minutes, offer feedback/personal insights, propose own roles/tasks to help colleagues achieve milestones expeditiously. Working Conditions: Location: J-Global Client Offices (Tokyo) Internship Period (5-6 months): Period 1: December 2019-May 2020 Period 2: January 2020-June 2020

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