Local venture capital firm looking for engineers (preferred) also accepting applications with strong mechanical background or aptitude and experience. We are primarily focusing on mechanical and electrical engineers. Our venture capital firm primarily focuses on taking government and commercial level technologies and modifying them into niche consumer products. We are currently endeavoring on what is by far the most interesting product we have ever brought to market, however, although this is the most interesting and enjoyable project to work on for the engineers, employees, and interns it is so far from a traditional commercial transition that it presents certain obstacles which would require motivated individuals, preferentially with some real world experience in prototyping, design, converting or bringing commercial products to market. We are however considering all applicants not simply based on the content of your resume but an enthusiasm for this particular project. Compensation is determined based on qualifications and contributions. We have positions available ranging from internships to management and executive level opportunities. Early compensation ranges from interns, $10 hourly, to middle leadership which often exceed $30-$50 hourly with performance bonus and other incentive packages, executive compensation is not publicly disclosed. Upward mobility is swift but so is termination. You will move upwards in your career and compensation much faster here than similar firms, this also mean underperformers will be fired just as quickly as overperformers are rewarded. Benefits – Can count towards UF and Santa Fe College credit, satifisy internship requirements. All who complete will receive sparking endorsements from a venture capital firm known for not giving letters of recommendation and praise lightly. Having worked here and completed a project like this will put you in a substantially more powerful position when fining and negotiation future employment. To provide opportunities for both experienced applicants and less qualified applications all positions have intern and early stage entry points that can progress to management and executive positions quickly based upon performance and production. Positions available: Internships / Entry Level Mechanical engineering intern Chemical engineer intern Electrical engineering intern Buyer and acquisitions intern Management Level Manager of engineering interns Manager of Non-technical interns Mechanical engineer Chemical engineer Electrical engineer Buyer and acquisitions lead Executive Level Positions Engineering project manager Process Engineer Special projects manager Lead Executive engineers Executive mechanical engineer Executive electrical engineer Executive chemical engineer Executive Scrum Coordinators Scrum manager Scrum master Development team leader New projects manager R&D Scrum coordinator Supply Chain Management positions Supply chain manager Component Sourcing and circuit designer Materials manager Procurement and Sourcing Manufacturing Engineer Industrial engineer Process engineer Quality control

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