Does Wall street fascinate? Smart Phone? Computer? Free time? Spotty Education and job history? Financial market knowledge zero? (minorities, women ok) Intern with us. We are a task based virtual office communicating progress by email, phone, vids, anytime. Initially unpaid, as you learn and actively participate, we"ll seed an account to elevate your lifestyle and award an equity stake to profit tremendously. We have a burning sense of mission: To generate money for those facing terrible destitution. An alternative to crime, creating a mass stir across ghetto"s and trailer parks. We deal in financial architecture, oil, commodities, help erect companies and access capital markets for funding. Take Brazil: Suppose unemployment spikes 5%; imports grow 73 billion over exports; their stock market collapses 35% and inflation is 2% over the 4.5 target rate. What is the impact on the dollar, yen and euro. Knowing makes staggering money. It will be taught. We know markets. We have a ?Genie in a bottle? an imprisoned Wall street god. For over 2 decades traders and analyst sought his correspondence to learn from this grandmaster how to see what others do not and how to make fortunes. We must now bend our efforts showcasing our ability on Facebook, to predict the currency exchange rate. Using our next day forecast model, we publically turn 5K into 1 Million in 4 months. It"s easy to persuade this way, gain adherents, and float millions of bonds and securities in private placement. Our immediate task is monitoring global developments and price thresholds; Plans of actions and safeguards against loss; Next we need deeper penetration into 700 prisons building a formidable web presence, offshore subsidiaries, and a refit of our marketing/lesson structure. To review unpolished drafts go to Apex FX Global Facebook page. We love everything unorthodox. We"ll arrange informal emails, communication with the genie and division heads to clear up obscure points and tasks. Call or text at: 954-644-9449 Email at:

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