The Volunteer & Program Coordinator Intern will work alongside our Program Manager to develop and implement recruitment strategies to obtain 1,000+ Festival volunteers, lead outreach efforts to gain donations for the volunteer prize raffle and act as the point of contact for the Festival"s volunteer program. He/She will also collaborate with the Program Manager to create new activities and enhancements for a variety of programs at the Festival. He/She MUST be available to work the entire weekend of the Festival with other staff members. Duties and Responsibilities: Interns will learn and assist in the following areas, including, but not limited to – • Facilitate outreach efforts to schools/colleges, corporate and/or community groups • Actively organize, coordinate, and manage the recruitment of volunteers, including developing and maintaining partnerships with social, civic, and local institutions and organizations • Coordinate and lead the Volunteer Incentive Prize Raffle through donations/gifts from the local community. • Responsible for distribution of confirmation materials and point of contact for the 1,000+ Festival volunteers. • Provide data entry and other administrative responsibilities related to the volunteer program. • Provide support with program supply inventory and purchasing. • Assist with planning and implementation of special events pre/post Festival and on-site programs. • Support staff with administrative duties as needed and help with general set-up/ take-down for each event

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