This voluntary internship program provides qualified individuals with professional experience in the daily care of the department"s animals and the opportunity to support animal care staff. The main objective of interns is to learn and assist staff in the role of keeping areas clean and running efficiently. Animal contact is prohibited by all interns. Primate department interns are supervised by primate animal care staff. In addition to assisting with cleaning and diet preparation, interns may have the opportunity to be involved with animal feeding and special projects, including the creation and implementation of enrichment items. Interns in the Primate Department will be exposed to a wide variety of species; orangutan, gorillas, old world monkeys, prosimians, tamarins and, sloths. Assignments and opportunities that are available to a Primate Department intern are based on individual progress during the internship. Interns will be assigned to one primate area per term; Small African Primates, Gorillas or Orangutans.

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