Medical & Healthcare Internship in Ecuador | Medical Elective in South America | If you are looking to do a Medical Elective or Medical Internship abroad in Ecuador, South America, then our Medical Internships and Medical Elective are a great way to gain experience in the healthcare field. VIP-Ecuador | Volunteer & Internship Programs in Ecuador – South America offers a wide variety of tailor-made Medicine and Healthcare Elective and internship placements across Ecuador where medical students from around the globe can gain healthcare and medical experience by learning from doctors and nurses in hospitals, clinics or medical NGOs. Medical elective and internship placements are available in various medical specialties such as obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, general medicine, dentistry, physical rehabilitation, nursing, surgery and emergency among others under request. Our Medical Internships and Medical Elective range from 4 weeks (USD 780) to 24 weeks and are available year-round and start each Monday. For more information email us to or visit our website at

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