The AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) is seeking a responsible and motivated individual to intern in its Strategy & Business Development Department. ?This individual will work closely with the Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives to support 2020 department goals and Strategic Planning implementation for the entire agency. ?The intern will learn about the process of developing new business models within the context of the changing health care landscape and managed health care. This is an invaluable opportunity to gain hands-on experience and a multi-faceted view of the planning process in response to a health and social service system undergoing transformation. The Strategic Management & Business Development Intern will learn about and assist with several key projects, including: Agency implementation for AFC"s 2019-2021 Strategic Plan and Strategic Priorities. Emphasis will also focus on internal change management needs to accomplish Innovation and Service Integration goals for the Strategy & Business Development Department. Platform analysis of organizational work and collaborations throughout the year. Support the development of innovative and integrated service lines to contract with third party payers – such as Medicaid, Medicare, health insurance plans, and hospital and health systems. This includes: Public health approach to AFC"s current service lines, such as Population Health, Integrated Care and Value-Based Care; Utilization of dashboards for third party payer outcomes. Researching new business and service models that would benefit those living with HIV and other related chronic conditions including stable housing. These include: Identifying new models in use across the country or in development by other agencies and institutions that provide similar services or to a similar population and that address the changing payment methods and design; Assessing new lines of business and appropriate scorecard for evaluation. Prepare reports to summarize the research and pertinent recommendations.

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