LOGOS is a Christian-based start-up looking for a Social Media Marketing Intern. As a Social Media Coordinator, you will be responsible for developing and implementing the Social Media strategy in order to increase online presence and improve marketing for increased social media reach. The ideal candidate will be expected to collaborate on creative design, planning, social media marketing planning process, data analysis and optimization. The applicant should have a great amount of following on all social media platforms, ?be resourceful and have a strategic mindset with analytical skills. The ideal applicant should be a disciple of Jesus Christ who loves to spread the Gospel and help others. Applicant must also be knowledgeable on the three-fold ministry and the great commission. The ideal candidate will be honest, diligent, willing to learn and teach, and not ashamed of the Gospel. This role is ideal for someone who is wanting and/or willing to use this experience as a case study for their marketing/job portfolio and who knows how to manage social media platforms without needing to be taught. Responsibilities: • Building custom audiences based on target audience and 1st party data • Operate and manage Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Accounts (also, assist with new social media platforms once created)• Organic social media marketing • Help with creative direction on content making + copywriting captions • Answer comments and messages from customer service emails + Instagram messages, and comments • Qualifications: • Must be a disciple and knowledgeable of the word of Jesus Christ •Proficient with Operating Instagram • Proficient with Instagram/Facebook Paids Ads • Proficient with technology and Microsoft Office Applications • Experience with engaging and managing influencers • Past experience in the church/administrative assistant industry • Previous experience in marketing or other related fields • Strong project management skills • Strong leadership qualities • Self-driven •Independent •Deadline and detail-oriented

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