Are you in search of an internship where you"re not just working but doing something meaningful at the same time? Project Pupper is in search of you, too. We"re dedicated to finding solutions to problems that animals are facing across the globe and ending homeless pets entirely. Even in times like these, where you can"t go out to a shelter and volunteer to help out with animals, there"s still a way to help them while getting work experience and invaluable knowledge that we have to offer you. We"re looking for those of you out there who want to do something meaningful and work towards a noble cause. We"re looking for associates who will excel in tasks including but not excluded to article writing, social media promotion, infographic creation, and more. You"ll be helping us in the creation of promotional campaigns and getting our message out there, so come with some creative ideas on how we can do so. This is a remote position with flexible hours, so make sure that you"re able to stay dedicated and focused when working from home. Beyond that, we"re looking for interns with strong internet and computer skills, a deep knowledge of various social media platforms, responsibility, dedication, hunger for new knowledge, professionalism, and organization. We"re not just offering our interns school credit and course credit. We"re also offering a chance to learn all of the firsthand knowledge that you could possibly need to get out there and face the real business world. By the time you"ve completed your internship, you"ll know everything you need to, and we"ll start you on the basics. You"ll receive invaluable knowledge on how to run and promote a business while supporting a good cause. Get a jumpstart on your career while doing something great for our furry friends!

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