This is a business internship learning about business automation, market research and analysis of service providers. During this online internship, you can help us with Pulse 24/7 (our appointment booking app) to see how we can further improve it. Here is what will be expected of interns: – Create a fictitious company and run it to see if it can be fully functional and reliant on the app for maintaining a business. – Doing research on other apps that are similar to Pulse 24/7 and getting familiarized with them and how they differ from Pulse 24/7 – Compare social marketing/branding and messaging of competitor apps and suggest to Pulse 24/7 how we can update and improve our own social marketing/branding and messaging. – Giving us feedback on what we can overall improve, add, or remove to make Pulse 24/7 a useful and efficient app for our clients The internship will be conducted as follows: Week 1 – Setting up the company and interns will report bugs Week 2 – Interview 5-10 similar service providers to get intel Week 3 – Review those similar service providers and let us know what issues those apps have, then check how Pulse 24/7 can improve its messages Week 4 – Write a full report on the other service providers/competitors and let us know what Pulse 24/7 is doing right and also where we can improve. If you are interested, please email me at : so we can move on to the next step! Thank you, take care and stay safe.

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