About GAO Tec Inc. is a multinational company which has spread its influence in over 50 countries all over the world. For over 20 years we have been bringing quality and innovation in the field of technology. We have quickly adapted to the modern fast paced-world, thus we offer virtual internships which allow work from any location and put our employees in control of their own time-schedule. We are looking for a Chinese-speaking intern to support our department"s daily activities. Some intern responsibilities include sourcing new products from Chinese suppliers, negotiating prices, organizing documents, translating English documents into Chinese. Here is an opportunity for a virtual internship or co-op, working remotely with a reputable international company, GAO Tek Inc. Tasks Include: • Sourcing new products from suppliers in China • Negotiate prices with suppliers • Sanitize (clean up) documents from suppliers • Translate English documents into Chinese • Marketing tasks in Chinese • Improvement of logistics

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