Responsibilities: According to the program, independently complete the production of the topic selection of the TV column. Responsible for the positioning requirements of the column, excavation and selection of topics, and assisting the editor in completing the current planning of the section; overall arrangement and planning; Responsible for the overall planning, creativity, packaging and other creative execution of film and television programs or special videos; Collect and organize program materials; grasp the program style and write scripts; Manage, supervise and control the quality of the columns into films; Complete the manuscript writing, content external shooting, and the initial cutting of the non-editing machine in accordance with the progress of the program; Organize shooting and recording, responsible for on-site scheduling and control; Monitor the entire production process to ensure the quality of the program; follow up the post-production, supervise and cooperate with the post-work; Assist the director in cost control; Coordinate and communicate with each other in the production process. Cooperate with other departments of the company] to coordinate the planning and execution of filming; carry out overall external packaging and promotion of video products. Complete all tasks assigned by the producer or director. ????: 1.???????????????????????????,????,????????????; ?????????; ???????????????????????????; ????????;??????,????; 2.??????????????; ??????????????????????????????; 3.???????,??????????; 4.???????,??????;??????,?????????; 5.??????????; 6.????????????????? 7.????????]??????????;????????????????? 8.????????????????

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