Adapting to the challenges put forth by COVID-19, Nonviolence International has updated its existing educational and advocacy program, The New York Graduate Plan, to a fully remote and online format. Introducing: The New York Graduate Plan Online. The New York Graduate Plan Online (NYGPO) offers the same educational opportunities as its parent program but now with reduced tuition and the ability to participate from the comfort of home. Like the New York Graduate Plan, the NYGPO features the same lectures courtesy of UNITAR staff, participation in workshops with Nonviolence International, guest speakers, and the opportunity to work in Civil Society at the United Nations or launch an independent project based on the students interest and research. Our priorities are always centered on our students, With the NYGPO, students have the benefit of reduced tuition in addition to the added benefits of no longer being financially responsible for travel to the United States, housing in New York City, food and transportation, and all costs associated with applying for a visa. Costing $4000 Nonviolence International estimates these financial savings at roughly 33% per student, all without sacrificing the quality of education and opportunities for networking with United Nations officials and figures in the field. The NYGPO will use a completely digital format for all lectures, workshops, research projects, and engagement in civil society. Nonviolence International and UNITAR will use Slack, Zoom, and Google Drive to engage with all participants.

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