This unpaid internship can be fulfilled virtually from anywhere around the globe; currently all in-person opportunities are on hold. Duration Requirements: Whether the internship is for credit or not, National STEM Honor Society (NSTEM) hires interns for a minimum of 240 total hours with no maximum, and a 4 month (15 hour/week) minimum. We have had interns with us now for as long as two years and are still part of the organization. NSTEM was in the development stage for 3+ years and went live in February 2020 with the goal of opening thousands of Chapters across the nation as quickly as possible! Our mission is to inspire innovation and recognize student excellence From K to CareerTM in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – inspiring kids as young as Kindergarten to get involved and stay involved in STEM hopefully for the rest of their education and careers! Please visit our website at to really understand NSTEM and the benefits of starting an NSTEM Chapter. Also, please take a look at the National STEM Honor Society social media platforms on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest! What are the opportunities to get involved as an intern? What do interns do for the National STEM Honor Society? The National STEM Honor Society is an educational/business start-up organization that provides interns with interesting, diverse, and stimulating work opportunities unlike most experiences. At NSTEM, you are not limited to just one role, and we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to explore a variety of roles, experiences, opportunities, and responsibilities. Supporting your specific interests and individual learning goals, you will engage in focused learning experiences working on projects essential to the day-to-day operation of our organization where you will receive guidance and resources to apply knowledge and skills to your emerging professional lives. As an intern with National STEM Honor Society, you can perform a myriad of real and meaningful tasks.

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