Job Experience: 0 – 5 year Job Description: Your tasks include: 1.Sourcing new products from suppliers in China 2.Negotiate prices with suppliers 3.Sanitize (clean up) documents from suppliers 4.Translate English documents into Chinese 5.Marketing tasks in Chinese – Speaker Recruitment/Invitations for Conferences – Media recruitment/Partnerships for Conferences – Association Recruitment/Partnerships for Conferences – Standards Organizations Recruitment/Partnerships for Conferences After Completing the Internship: Please note the following apply only after you successfully complete your internship: – Two On-the-Job Training Certificates for two groups of skills you have been trained and used at this position (if any) – One Certificate of Internship – Two recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. For clarification, you shall not receive any of the above benefits if your internship is terminated earlier for any reason or you fail to pass the final evaluation of your manager and our HR department at the end. Please understand we take only candidates who are seriously interested in this internship opportunity, and who are willing to work hard to learn, be productive and make contributions. At this intern position, you may work at either or both GAO Tek Inc. and GAO RFID Inc. Company Name: GAO Tek Inc. Website: 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite A31New York, N.Y., 10001, USAAbout GAO TEK GAO Tek Inc. has grown into a North America-based global leading supplier of advanced fiber optic,electrical, environmental, structural, water, networking, computing and auto-ID products. It has been reported as one of the world leaders in several product categories. About GAO RFID Inc GAO RFID Inc. offers a large selection of RFID software and systems, RFID readers, tags, and antennas. It has been widely reported as one of the world leading suppliers of RFID readers, tags, systems.

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