Copywriting & Repurposing Content Write & auto-schedule Weebly Blogs from FaceBook group LIVES/scripts, Create my Mailchimp e-News copy for Tuesday & Friday posts with LIVES links & for tailored posts on FB, TW, IG. Create a blog post from one Repurposed LIVES content Write copy for podcasts & posting on Soundcloud, YouTube, Weebly. Include Canva Brand Designs for each post & e-News Writing: Repurpose my LIVES into blog posts Repurpose podcasts into blog posts Repurpose blogs into short Social Media posts & Infographics Prepare Mailchimp emails by checking email elements (correct links, fonts, brand color, logo) Schedule weekly emails for new Weebly posts and Facebook LIVES (links) Create 5 email sequence sharing links to FaceBook live content or bulleted summaries. Ending welcome email sequence with ?to learn more book a discovery call? CTA.

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