Thanks for your interest in the Keandre Curry Network"s ?Content Writer Internship ?program. Aimed to become the household name for positive living and inspiration, your asset to the Keandre Curry brand will be highly favorable. This was your calling: To be adjoined with a positive brand, that values your writing and desire to help others. Although this is an ?unpaid internship?, it"s completely about being influential through the content we put in the universe. I"m Keandre" Curry, a young black motivator that"s aspired to better people and the world, since I was 17. That"s when I self-published my first book, ?Life"s Simple Point? and jumped started my website, ? It"s more than a personal website, one where there"s advice for any life challenge. This is where your contribution comes in! Here"s all I"m asking from you: ? Contribute two (2) 400-word articles a week. ? Each article will be reviewed and edited, if necessary before publication. ? Topics will be sent weekly via email, just in case the writer has no topics of their own. ? Articles must promote positive living: ?Self growth, self-discovery, character skills, or lifestyle.? Social issues are welcome, unless they are politically motivated. ? After ?at least 90 days, the writer will receive a professional reference letter and care package. ? Each writer will have a writing Contributor page to write and submit their articles for review through WordPress.

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