Zoo Atlantas Mammal Department plays an integral role in the Zoos mission by providing informative, educational and engaging experiences; being respectful and responsible stewards of animals and the physical and financial assets entrusted to us; and engaging in related conservation activities and research. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: This voluntary internship program provides qualified individuals with professional experience in the daily care of the departments animals and the opportunity to support animal care staff. The main role of interns, regardless of the season, is to work with animal care staff to keep areas clean, thus helping contribute to the welfare of the animals. Animal contact is not guaranteed to any intern and depending upon the area in which the intern is assigned, animal contact may be prohibited. RESPONSIBILITIES: Mammal department interns are supervised by animal care staff within the department. In addition to assisting with cleaning, some interns may have the opportunity to be involved with public presentations, diet preparation, animal feeding and special projects, including the creation and implementation of enrichment items. Interns in the Mammal Department will be exposed to a wide variety of species, such hoofstock, elephants, and large carnivores, and should be comfortable working around these species. Assignments and opportunities that are available to a Mammal Department intern are based on individual progress during the internship. OBJECTIVES: • Provide support to Mammal Department staff • Enhance productivity and efficiency of the Mammal Department team • Allow qualified individuals the opportunity to gain professional experience as a keeper intern at a world-class zoological facility • Provide an opportunity to gain a strong understanding of potential careers in animal husbandry, training and conservation education.

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