Job Type: Internship or CO-OPJob Experience: 0 – 5 year Job Description Develop attendee management and other software using PHP and MYSQL running on a Linux server. Requirements •????You are enrolled in or have completed a university or college program. •You need to be able to self-manage, self-discipline and be honest, dependable, and hard-working. •?You need to have high productivity and a strong focus on quality. •?You will work at a place of your choice, but you need to follow certain schedules specified by our company. Benefits of this internship include: •It offers you real-world work experiences at an internationally reputable high-tech company. •You will develop real-world knowledge, work ethics, team spirit. •You will receive 3 certificates. •You will be more much employable and competitive in the job market. •You can undertake this internship from anywhere, including your home.

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