STEM/STEAM Instructors Job Description We are looking for committed college students to teach STEM/STEAM courses to K-8 students. The prospective instructors will be responsible for preparing and implementing a full educational teaching plan according to the school"s requirements. It is fundamental to provide knowledge and instruction to students while also helping them develop their personalities and skills. We are currently looking for instructors for the following courses. Scratch Coding (Grades K-3), 3D Printing & Design (Grades 4-8), Scratch Coding (Grades 1-3), Nanobots Robotics (Grades K-3), Crazy Chemistry (Grades K-3), Python Programming (Grades 4-8), Java Programming (Grades 4-8). Responsibilities • Present lessons in a comprehensive manner and use visual/audio means to facilitate learning, • Provide individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive learning, • Create and distribute educational content (notes, summaries, assignments etc.), • Assess and record students" progress and provide grades and feedback • Maintain a tidy and orderly classroom, • Collaborate with other teachers, parents, and stakeholders and participate in regular meetings, • Observe and understand students" behavior and psyche and report suspicions of neglect, abuse etc. 17 Chestnut Street 3rd Floor Ridgewood, NJ, 07450 | | (201) 639 4311 | Pay From $20 per hour. Location: 17 Chestnut Street, Ridgewood, NJ 07450 Instructors will be assigned to teach in our satellite venues across North Jersey. Start Date Accepted instructors will start the job in January 2022. Eligibility – Current college students will be given priority, – Applicants must have work authorization in the US, – Applications must be living in North Jersey or be available to travel to North Jersey. How to Apply: Please send your CV to

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