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Technical Theatre Intern

Technical Production Intern Construct scenery and props in accordance with plans. Assist in research & resolving problems involved with mainstage projects. Help with the installation of scenery on stage and in maintenance of mechanical and structural aspects of scenery during run of play. Experience with wood construction and the use of standard shop tools are required. Welding and rigging experience is also a plus. Ability to solve problems and work independently is essential and will be developed. Some opportunities may exist for those not interested in scenery: * Master Electrician Develop drafting, paperwork and computer skills directly associated with productions. Duties include hanging, focusing, equipment maintenance, special projects, and the programming and or running of shows. Prior experience is required as well as basic knowledge of computer light boards. * Sound Programmer Receive experience and training by working in support of the sound designer. Interns may run performances as sound board operator & assist in design of regular season productions. Prior experience is required as well as knowledge of sound board operation.

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Office Assistant

- Maintain mailing lists – Update documents – Create pamphlets, brochures, flyers, catalogs, and other publications. – Help update and daily upkeep of records and databases – Provide general administrative support such as faxing, copying, filing, handling incoming phones, shipping packages, and assist with other general office duties as needed.

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5 Ways to Turn Your Internship into a Full-Time Job

Young job seekers who can’t seem to land full-time employment may want to tap into a segment of the job market that is always recommended, but often overlooked: internships.

Internships have always been encouraged among college students and recent graduates, but they’ve never been more important than in the current economy. In this competitive job market, the first thing employers are looking for is relevant experience. Internships help not only to build skill sets and establish successful track records, but they offer great networking opportunities to land a full-time position after graduation.

Fifty-nine percent of employers said they are likely to hire their college interns as full-time, permanent employees, according to a new survey from,’s college job-search site. Twenty-four percent of hiring managers said they plan to hire college interns in the first half of 2009, while 12 percent plan to do so as early as the fourth quarter of 2008.

Earning money … and experience

For employers, the most valuable part of an internship is providing young people with real-world experience, as well as an enhanced skill set. But for the interns, the most valuable part also includes the contribution an internship makes to their bank accounts.

The majority (62 percent) of employers looking for college interns say they plan to pay them $10 or more per hour. Twenty-three percent will pay in excess of $15 per hour and to a lucky few, 9 percent of employers will dish out more than $20 per hour. Only 14 percent of hiring managers said they are offering unpaid positions.

What are employers are looking for?

Many students in internships don’t know what hiring managers are looking for in potential full-time candidates. When asked which factors were among the most important in influencing their decision to hire a college intern permanently, employers cited the candidate’s aptitude to produce timely, quality work (77 percent); critical-thinking and problem-solving skills (76 percent); and level of professionalism (73 percent).

If you’re looking to turn your internship into a full-time gig, here are five tips to help you:

1.      Treat your internship like an extended job interview — because it is.  Arrive on time, beat (or at the very least meet) deadlines and consistently deliver strong work. 

2.      Seek out challenges – Employers want employees who show initiative and a desire to learn and develop.  The majority of employers (59 percent) are more likely to permanently hire a college intern who asks for more responsibilities. 

3.      Ask good questions — Employers know you don’t have all the answers. In fact, 46 percent said candidates who come to them with thoughtful questions have a better chance of getting hired full time. 

4.      Remember the golden rule – Always be respectful, address co-workers courteously and don’t get caught up in office gossip.

5.      Leave a positive impression — Show enthusiasm for the projects you’re working on and the company overall; don’t complain; and refrain from e-mailing or talking to friends.


Survey: Employers Want Fall Interns


1. Move into awesome new apartment (away from the dorms and parents)
2. Register for classes (no classes on Friday or before 9 a.m. please!)
3. Buy books (there goes $500 I’ll never see again…)
4. Party with friends before classes start

Add this to your ‘to-do’ list: Secure an internship.

For those who believe that internships are synonymous with summer break, think again. According to recent surveys, fall internship hiring is on the rise and the opportunities are paving the way for full-time positions for those hired to do the job.

Sixty-one percent of hiring managers say they’re hiring college students or recent Forty-four percent say they would likely hire college interns as full-time, permanent employees.

“It’s never too early to start thinking about internships,” says Nathan Lippe, senior career adviser for “There are a great deal of opportunities that exist as long as you take the time to search and apply.”

Not only do internships plump up your résumé, they can also save you time on your full-time job search. Plus, making yourself available for an internship increases your chances for hiring in the long run. Fifty-nine percent of hiring managers surveyed said they currently recruit interns or they have in the past, while 14 percent plans to take on interns in the future. Eighty-four percent of hiring managers say they will be hiring college interns for the fall between June and September.

“College students and recent college graduates need to take advantage of this so that they can gain hands-on experience to add to their résumés and build a professional network,” Lippe says.

For students looking to make a little extra cash, internships can potentially replace their part-time jobs during the school year since many employers are willing to pay their interns this fall. Thirty-six percent of hiring managers say their internships are paid and 14 percent say they have both paid and unpaid positions.

To secure your internship as a full-time job this fall, follow these tips from Lippe:

Be enthusiastic.
Being energetic and showing your manager how much you enjoy your job goes a long way. Thirty-five percent of employers say the biggest mistake college interns make that would cause them not to hire the intern permanently is not showing enthusiasm for the job.

Go above and beyond.
Motivating yourself to do more than just the assigned task will make you stand out among your co-workers. If you’re not convinced that managers notice your extra efforts, maybe this will help: One-in-five employers say not going above and beyond the assigned task would be the biggest mistake a college intern can make that would cause them not to get hired permanently.

Be on time.
Being punctual shows that you’re both reliable and responsible. While there are managers who aren’t as stringent when it comes to start times (as long as work is getting done), others expect you to be on time every day. With 13 percent of employers saying arriving late to work is the biggest mistake college interns make that would cause them not to hire them full-time, waking up 15 minutes earlier is probably worth it.


Spring Internships

MASS MoCA seeks full-time interns for various departments. Spend any season in the culturally rich, naturally beautiful Berkshires, while gaining invaluable professional experience in the arts. Paid interns are given $100/wk stipend and free housing with a block of the complex. Production Interns (January 5th – May 27th): Interns work with the Production Coordinator, House Carpenter, House Electrician, House Sound Engineer, and house crew on all aspects of technical theatre and film. This includes hands-on in all of the following areas – carpentry, lighting, sound, audio/visual, and running crew. Performing Arts Administration (January 5th – May 31st): Interns work directly with the Managing Director of Performing Arts in coordination of current and future season planning, general office work, and maintaining/updating department archives. Interns will rotate between assisting in both drafting the event programs and researching upcoming artists and working with artist services to arrange logistics of visiting artists, staff, and fellow interns. Marketing/Public Relations (January 5th – May 31st): Interns work on all aspects of publicizing the organization including writing press releases, giving tours of the galleries, preparing press packets, advertising for all upcoming performing arts events in surrounding areas, researching new forums for publicity, and assisting with public outreach and special events. Graphic Design (ASAP – May 31st): Interns work directly with the Director of Design, Curator, Production crew and visiting artists designing and producing a wide range of print, web pages, and signage for MASS MoCA. Intern should demonstrate a creative talent, enthusiasm, and a commitment to a career in graphic design, as well as a working knowledge of Quark X-Press, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Golive, and Macintosh environment. For this internship, a portfolio review and interview are required.

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