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Law Internship for Democracy and Justice in Cape Town

Leaning toward a career in law? This internship in Cape Town will help broaden your skills and knowledge of this field. You will intern at the XYZ, which has centers spread across South Africa. You will join the firm"s attorneys and candidate attorneys, who offer legal representation to the poor. The Centres focus specifically on criminal practice, responding to the need for democracy and justice. XYZ helps indigent residents to participate in the South African Justice System. They make sure the accused receives a fair trial and offers easy access to legal representation, which is provided even to the poorest. They also fight for the rights of children, representing clients in juvenile courts. As an intern for this firm, you will become involved with their operations, from funding candidate attorneys to defending women and children"s rights. You will gain wide exposure in the field of law while helping lawyers provide aid in various areas – e.g. criminal cases, divorce cases, labor disputes, etc.

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Law Internship for Women Equality in Cape Town

Not a lot of law internship opportunities in the area of women empowerment arise. If you are specifically focused on this legal sector, sign up for the position available at XYZ, a legal firm with centers across South Africa. Join a team that seeks to push forward the fight for women equality, particularly among African women who deal with socio-economic disadvantage. The firm promotes and develops human rights for women, providing free litigation to fulfill their objectives. They advance womens rights, particularly constitutional cases concerning gender equality. In addition, the firm aims to provide training and capacity-building programs for women lawyers and paralegals specializing in gender issues. They believe in the need to work with womens organizations in all their activities. This will become your philosophy as well while interning with XYZ. Aside from gaining full exposure to their functions and operations, you will take care of tasks that vary depending on your knowledge and interest. You will also assist with current projects.

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Law Internship in the Criminal Field in Cape Town

What could be a more challenging internship than one that places you with a very busy firm. Expect no dull moment when working at a legal office in Cape Town that specializes in trial work and litigation. They focus on cases concerning criminal law, particularly in adjectival law (evidence, criminal procedure, civil procedure, etc.), as well as on cases dealing with punishment (including imprisonment) and sentencing. You will join the firms multidisciplinary team, which comprises individuals capable of handling any legal transaction. Throughout the internship, you will learn to commit to creative thinking and excellence while assisting with cases. You will share in their competitive yet cooperative quest to produce optimum results for clients. Gain exposure to various aspects of criminal law, including court appearances and pre-trial work. You will also learn about different law applications and get the chance to collaborate with leading academics and practitioners in the field of criminal law.

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Industrial/Automotive Engineering Internship Cape Town SA Edit

This program will provide interns a hands-on experience on automotive industry and industrial engineering. The company is known as one of the few local industrial operating companies able to meet the South African world-class automotive industry standards. The company employs finest craftsmen and uses the latest and top-notch technology in producing tools of the highest standard and quality. The intern should preferably be studying towards a degree in Automotive, Industrial, Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering, have a strong technical and organizational background, reasonable English language skills, some previous experience and be hard-working, independent and reliable.

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Social Work Internship in Childrens Home in Cape Town

Magister South Africa offers a Social Work internship placement or volunteering opportunity at a childrens village in Cape Town. Interns and volunteers will be assigned to a house working alongside a house mother. Participants will assist the children in their daily lives and help coordinate their welfare and activities. These can include helping children with their morning schedule, doing after-school activities, and serving as mentor and guide. Participants who are still studying can also assist with tasks according to their study requirements. In a village, eight to 10 children are cared for in small family type homes and are raised like brothers and sisters. The village opened its doors to orphaned children in 1994 and is currently home to 141 children.

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