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Where can I find legitimate New York City internships?

Question by Jonathan Ames: Where can I find legitimate New York City internships? I am not from New York City, but I am absolutely fascinated by the city in itself and the cultural components it possess. I am an undergraduate student interested in the law and business. I wish to spend a summer in The [...]

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Are most internships paid?

Question by jb_outrakis: Are most internships paid? I am applying for a summer internship and I assumed it would be paid. I really have no choice but to take it if offered the job because I asked a connection to get me into the organization. Then someone told me that internships are not paid, only [...]

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Internships in England?

Question by : Internships in England? I’m currently a journalism major in Temple University, and I’m looking for an Internship for this summer somewhere in the UK, preferably London, if that’s possible. It doesn’t have to be paid. All of the sites I’ve been on want me to pay thousands of dollars for a placement [...]

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Are local congressional internships hard to get?

Question by AL: Are local congressional internships hard to get? Is it hard to get this kind of internship locally?….im currently a sophomore in college interested in this Best answer: Answer by iamtankmanFrom what I can tell it’s much easier to get an internship if you have big boobs and aren’t afraid to use knee [...]

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Internships for high school kids?

Question by klojkr: Internships for high school kids? Do they have office internships for kids in high school, if so, any websites that could help me. Best answer: Answer by Tacoma! Yea!If you want to get office internship as high school student, you need to ask your friends’ parents, or any other adults who may [...]

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