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Q&A: internships?

Question by eveill1princess: internships? can you get internships if you’ve been outta school for a few years? Best answer: Answer by LorLor1it depends. Some internships ask for a few years of experience in certain aspects, so you can still be able to, but you may want to try and find an entry level job since [...]

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Question by pearl: **********Internships********? My school doesn’t offer internships. So how can I go about getting one anyway? Well, I attend online and I planning to go on campus next semester just for that reason. They don’t offer internships to online students. Best answer: Answer by eriIt really, really depends on the field in which [...]

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College jobs.?

Question by Rae: College jobs.? I’m currently attending college full time. I only go to school on MWF. I work at Forever 21 and make 7.50 an hour but they don’t schedule me near enough. What’s some other jobs I should look at? I don’t want to make less money. Also, I really don’t want [...]

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