Internship Opportunity :

Mind Sciences, LLC. is actively recruiting Interns to join our team. We are a complementary wellness facility that offers Clinical Hypnotherapy counseling in Aurora , Colorado . We serve the health, fitness, and personal excellence goals of our clients.

We are seeking four candidates for our Clinical Hypnotherapy Intern program. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! These four individuals will be vital to our center. From the onset, the interns will help manage the clinical needs of our clients and are immediately involved in facility operations.

Interns typically work twenty to forty hours a week. You must be able to commit to 3 ½ work days a week at minimum. This is a very unusual internship. You will be trained and certified over the course of two months and then will begin your own supervised clinical practice. We are looking for candidates that can commit for two years and desire to grow with the company.

This internship will have an intense training period where you will learn everything about hypnosis as it is used in a clinical setting, and you will become certified in this field and registered by the state of Colorado (Normally, this training costs ,000 from start to certification). We provided a wonderful environment to learn hypnosis. The internship and subsequent career is a fascinating study of the human mind. You will learn how to coach others to create a better quality of life by using advanced techniques in hypnosis, NLP, and behavior modification. The interns will also be trained in the use of classes, demonstrations, personal sessions, and workshops to insure that clients reach their goals.

The four interns will be trained to work with clients while assisted and supervised, and you will have opportunities to gain experience in all facets of building and operating a clinical practice. After the two year intern period you will have the opportunity for advancement within this field.

This is a Comprehensive Success Oriented Clinical Hypnotherapy Intern Program – Completely Mentored.

Our program is designed to give you as much training and support as possible in developing a successful practice. It is not a program that simply makes excessive demands upon you or your time in exchange for little… This is a program that will train you in a complementary wellness occupation, get you certified, help you start your own business, guide you in the beginnings of your business, and help you every step of the way up the ladder of success. There is nothing else that compares to this! We train you (for free!) and pay you for every client seen.

There are only FOUR spaces. Interested applicants are encouraged to send a completed application with cover letter, resume, why you’re interested, and list of references – whatever you think would help you stand out. Hurry, this chance may not happen again!