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Q&A: internship help asap?

Question by alexholiday: internship help asap? i am a business major going into my senior year of college and have yet to have an internship. i want a summer internship but have had trouble finding one, im also taking a summer class early afternoon, as well as an online question it bad to [...]

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Internship Program Help?

Question by Meaghan: Internship Program Help? I’m a college student who needs to complete a full semester internship during Fall of 2014. I am looking for a list of internship programs geared toward college students that include some sort of student housing. I am looking to do one in California but am open to different [...]

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Help! Internship in USA as a Foreigner?

Question by : Help! Internship in USA as a Foreigner? Hello there, I am from Thailand and I would like to find a hospitality establishment within the west side of the states to intern for. I already have a sponsor ready, but what do I do now? I am trying to apply for some internships, [...]

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Q&A: internship etiquette? help please?

Question by What: internship etiquette? help please? I am a student already working in an internship that will go through the summer. It is unpaid, but the people are very nice. Originally, they talked about it being basically part time, but recently they speak to me like it will be full time in the summer. [...]

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Mechanical Engineering major…internship/job help?

Question by Mr Awesome: Mechanical Engineering major…internship/job help? I’m an ME major entering my junior year with a 2.5ish GPA. I know its not a perfect GPA but my school is pretty hard…I do try. I have never had a mechanical engineering internship, job, or extracurricular activity (besides cheerleading) since I entered college. I know [...]

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